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Ideally tested annually or the parents tested clear within 12 month prior to puppies born.


When the breed was introduced to the UK all pons were KC/BVA eye tested prior to breeding, there were a very small number who showed signs of CPRA (RPED) and these were not included in the breeding programme.


We believe through commitment to health this eye condition is rarely seen, however it is a recessive condition, so can crop up even though for generations the parents have been tested clear. At present there is no reliable DNA test specifically for pons.


The PLSC hold over 700 KC/BVA CLEAR eye test certificates, and all responsible breeders comply with the PLSC code of ethics regarding eye testing, it is not a KC mandatory test at present, however be aware of breeders not having a current clear eye test certificate available (within a year of the puppies being born), as all reputable breeders do comply



Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy (CPRA)


CPRA is also known as retinal pigment epithelial dystrophy (RPED). The cause of this condition is the loss of the retinal pigment epithelium's ability to effectively process the photoreceptor outer segment (POS) and subsequent accumulation of POS material in the RPE and loss of function. The loss of function of the RPE leads to photoreceptor degeneration. Poor diet and/or Vitamin E deficiency have recently been associated in the development of CPRA. Affected dogs suffer poor vision in low light and quite frequently have difficulty seeing moving objects.


With ever increasing focus on the health and welfare of all breeds the PLSC have once again arranged for testing to be available at the October show.


Eye Testing £39  (£38 Prepaid for members) There will be KC / BVA eye testing available at the show with John Goodyear (contact Diane Mottram 01246 205166. The dogs KC Registration paperwork will be required for this so please make sure you bring it on the day. All breeds will be welcome.


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