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Finding a puppy/dog

When looking for your ideal Polish Lowland puppy speak to many breeders, even if they haven’t puppies available they should be happy to discuss the positive & negatives of owning a PON. Breeders who do show usually follow KC & PLSC Code of Ethics, are happy for you to meet their fit & healthy dogs and promote the breed in a responsible manner.


ALL puppies should be Kennel Club Registered and any endorsements on the registrations should be clearly explained, you will find most breeders will ask you to agree and sign a contract, please ask for details prior to choosing your puppy. You should also receive a pedigree, worming details, vet check and vaccination certificate, diet sheet and a bag of the puppy's current food, information sheets, and something familiar for the puppy to take home.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies should be strong, sturdy puppies with very outgoing characters. Breeders should explain the grooming technique, advising the correct equipment to use, and since the coat takes a considerable amount of grooming, you must be prepared to devote time and remain patient. You should also receive a diet sheet and worming programme. Ask the breeder if unforeseen circumstances were to arise within your family, making it impossible for you to keep your pet, would he/she be prepared to take back your puppy even when adult.

If you are looking for a puppy or maybe an older companion, please contact either Dorothy or Diane on the telephone numbers below.


The Secretary has a list of available puppies from members litters


The Welfare co-ordinator will be able to tell you of any older dogs/puppies that are needing homes through rescue - go to the Rescue/Rehome page.

Diane Mottram - 01246 205166 (Welfare co-ordinator)
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