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Scored only once in the lifetime after 12 months of age, (KC mandatory)


When the Polish Lowland was first introduced into the UK those involved in the breed wanted to retain the health and wellbeing for future generations, therefore breeders agreed to KC/BVA Hip score their Pons prior to breeding- this was to hopefully prevent hip dysplasia, a condition that can effects a pets lifestyle considerably.


The process is; for the Pon to be X-rayed by a vet and the x-ray submitted to the KC/BVA panel of specialists for a ‘score’ this can be range between 0-106, the lower the better. Initially to utilize the gene pool, if fit and healthy pons were bred from up to approx total score of 30, however now, almost 30 years on, our ‘breed mean average’ total is 17, so the recommendation is that each of the parents should be scored no higher than a total of 17. Also ideally the scores should be reasonable even on each hip.


Our KC/BVA scoring system is one of the most stringent, there are differing methods of testing in other countries, however for puppies born in the UK it is recommended their parents are Scored in the UK











Birkmyre Zacier R 17 L18 = 35

Chrevle Hot Totty R8 L17 = 25

Ponadto Jezyna R24 L23 = 47

Derochas Dekowal R3 L8 = 11

Flinkbein Mieszanka Szczescia to Mybeards R5 L5 = 10

Kizwiz Soulmate R4 L9 = 13

Koperek Hajko – Nerita R7 L4 = 11

Mybeards Love R8 L3 = 11

Dobrany Dorianblue Malin R3 L3 = 6

Kamarda Lilijana R4 L8 = 12

Skaijak Roxie R4 L7 = 11

Mybeards Dreaming R3 L7 = 10

Mybeards Izabella at Quinnabeth R9 L5 = 14





Skaijak Phantom R3 – L3 = 6

Caselbarn Heaven Scent R4 – L5 = 9

Derochas D’Aurigny R7 – L6 =13

Derochas D’Itz Fizz R3 – L6 = 9

Dobrany Dorianblue Jola R5 – L4 = 9

Mybeards Bubble R5 – L4 = 9

Skaijak Quincey R10 – L10 =20

Arkosz Vom Hirtentraum At Caselbarn (Imp Deu) R3 -- L6 = 9

Bratsiostra Pon Symphonia Via Lindgreave (Imp Nlds) R9 -- L16 = 25

Dobrany Dorianblue Ixcite R9 – L10 =19

Edward Dziechcinek To Mybeards (Imp Pol) R6 – L3 = 9

Jaclee What A Gem R20 – L10 = 30

Dobrany Dorianblue Kamelia R5 – L4 =9

Skaijak Riff Raff R2 – L2 = 4

Skaijak’s Serendipity Of Tomszill R3 – L6 = 9

Skaijak’s Shenanigans R4 – L6 = 10

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