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‘Digby’ - Mybeards Digby

1997 - 2012

With his friend and owner Carolyn Menteith


What do you say about the dog who changed your life? The dog who has been by your side, done everything you could ever have asked and more, the dog who filled your heart and made you smile every single day for nearly 15 years? A dog who is known by many but who was always just mine? I have no idea – except to say he has left a huge Digby-shaped hole in my heart and there will never be a day when I don’t miss him.

We travelled many a road together. From being a tiny puppy, Digby took the world of photo shoots and TV studios in his stride (as long as there was food involved!), he starred on magazine and book covers, in TV programmes and films, he ran into Melinda Messenger’s shins on a skateboard, did Doga with Jackie Collins on breakfast television, and happily went to France and returned on the very first train back to the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme – making history as he woofed his way onto the News at 10 – and he did so very much more besides. Every article I wrote, every interview I did, he came along for the ride and as my joyful companion. He introduced many people to Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and made them fall in love with the breed - even if they didn’t know what they were.Through photos and films, he inspired people to train their dogs and improve the relationship they have with them. And he was behind everything I have achieved in the dog world. He was my very own guardian angel, career guidance counsellor, and the best part of who I have become thanks to him.

In the days I have been without him, I have been touched by the messages from friends, and from people who I have never met, who have sent messages of love, support and understanding, knowing just what I have lost – but even more than that, people who have simply said ‘thank you, it is because of Digby that I have my own Polish Lowland Sheepdog as he made me fall in love with the breed’. Maybe that is Digby’s legacy – but to me he will simply be my unforgettable, beautiful boy who will live on in my heart. My forever dog.


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