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Owners must ensure they can adequately look after the needs of a Polish Lowland. They require space for exercise, need socialising with other dogs and people, need to be fed a balanced diet and require weekly grooming if not clipped. These are just the basics, come and visit us at one of our events or call any committee member who would tell you more about living with Polish Lowlands.


When purchasing a puppy ensure you have visited the home of the puppies, seen the puppies interacting & playing with their mum and appearing healthy, friendly and outgoing.


The breeder should provide you with a diet sheet, vaccination card, insurance details and a contract. Any KC endorsements placed on the KC registration form should be explained. The two common ones used are X – Progeny not eligible for registration (this means the breeder does not give you permission to breed and register any subsequent puppies) and R – Export pedigree not allowed (this does not mean you cannot obtain a Pet Passport for your new dog).


If you intend to show please discuss this with your breeder as not all PONs in a litter will be successful in the show ring.


Please visit the Owner/Breeders page for a list of members who would be happy to discuss and offer advice on the PON.

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