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PLSC Open Show - Sunday February 19th 2006

It was a great honour to be chosen to judge our dogs at the Club’s Open Show and I wish to thank the exhibitors for their support and sportsmanship. Some of the decisions were difficult but I was happy with my winners.

Judge: Kathy McHale (Hawthornblu)

MPD [2]

1st. Sellar’s Mybeards Paparazzi b/w 8month old . Nice shaped head, good stop and correct bite. Nice length of neck and level topline. Good front and well sprung ribs. Nice hocks and gait reasonable for age.

2nd. Froome’s Mybeards Zeus b/w 7 month old Similar to one, but still a raw baby. Nice head, topline, and spring of rib .





PD [1]

1st. [BPD] Naylor’s Skaijak Jigsaw g/w 11 months old Nicely domed head with a good stop and excellent bite. Level topline and muscling up well for age. Coat profuse and moved with good hind action.






JD [2]

1st. Smith’s Zloty Chlopak b/w 21 months old heavily coated youngster. Darkest of eyes and, nice shaped ears, correct bite and level topline. Steady gait.

2nd. Williamson’s Dobrany Dorianblue Awans g/w 22 months old. Dark eyes, correct bite, and well shaped ears. Nicely muscled quarters Not the steady flow of movement as one. Seemed to need more space to get into stride.




MD [1]

1st. Mottram’s Galant Z Gangu Dluglich w/g 12 month old youngster going through the leggy stage. Excellent, masculine head with dark eyes and correct bite. Strong neck leading onto well-placed shoulders. Level topline and well sprung ribs. Moved with drive.



GD [0]



PGD [2]

1st. Gillatt’s Mybeards Cappuccino [Chocolate] Nice, masculine head with a happy expression. Good stop and correct bite. Smaller made dog, but solid with a good depth and well-angulated quarters. Even gait.

2nd. Cousins, Brown, & T.A. & DJ Ardern Sasquehanna Malinowy Ponadto To Dobrany w/g. Larger dog, but nicely put together with a good head, neck, and forequarters.. Good stop, correct bite, and level topline. Well-muscled hindquarters. Movement reasonable in the space he had.



LD [1]

1st. Repeat Gillatt’s Mybeards Cappuccino.



OD [6-2]

1st. [BD &BOB] Brown’s CH. Mybeards Treaty at Delphinia g/w A truly honest dog with a strong masculine head. Good stop, dark eyes, excellent bite. with correctly set ears. Strong neck with correct front and rear assembly. Level topline, well sprung ribs, and deep brisket. Moved with drive.

2nd. [RBD] Hardie’s Mybeards Masquerade. g/w Very much the same as one, but lacked the drive. Another dog who would have got into his stride with more space, but a worthy specimen for RBD. With a good head, depth and overall balance.

3rd. Sibley’s Tomasz Avec Dorianblue.



SVD [4-2]

1st. Springthorpe’s CH. Mybeards Midas at Millthorpe. g/w One I have always admired. Excellent, masculine head with a good stop, dark eyes, and a correct bite. Strong neck, good forequarters, well sprung ribs and a deep brisket. Level topline, well-turned stifle,and low hocks. Gait steady and purposeful.

2nd. Dence’s Possibility Plus From Mybeards. b/w The old man of the show, but his body is still solid and muscular Nice shaped head with medium neck, leading onto correct forequarters and firm hindquarters. Steady mover.



SP. BEG. D [0]



MPB [2]

1st. [BPIS] Springthorpe’s Mybeards Princess Millthorpe 8 months old b/w. Full of confidence and ring presence for one so young. Nice head with a good stop and fore-face. Dark eyes and correct bite. Correct front assembly, level topline and well-angulated hind-quarters. Positive movement

2nd. Goddard’s Mybeards Persona 8 months old b/w. Litter sister to one so alike, almost like clones. Nice head, dark eyes , correct bite and medium neck. Good front and rear assembly. Level topline and nice spring of ribs. Steady mover.



PB [4-1]

1st. Mybeards Princess Millthorpe. (Pictured left, MPB winner.)

2nd. Mybeards Persona.

3rd. Naylor’s Skaijak Jynx.



JB [2-1]

1st. Kelly’s Dobrany Dorianblue Adzi with Jarekpons. 16 months old g/w Nice head with dark eyes and correct bite. Medium length neck leading onto well-placed shoulders. Level topline and well sprung ribs. Coat coming harsh and steady gait.






MB [2-1]

1st. Plimbley’s Mybeards Snowstorm g/w. Dark eyes and correct bite . Medium neck and level topline. Well sprung ribs and well-tucked in elbows. Well-turned stifle and low hocks. Reasonable gait when settled.






GB [3-1]

1st. Sibley’s Dusza Z Gangu Dlugich w/g. Head good with with dark eyes, correct bite and well-set ears. Strong neck and well angulated quarters. Level topline and steady gait.

2nd. Turner & Mottram’s Mybeards Coconut [chocolate] Cobby little bitch with appealing head. Correct bite, medium neck, and level topline. Nice stifle, strong hocks and effortless movement.





PGB [2]

1st. Bugler & Mottram’s Mybeards Goldust g/w Nice head and foreface. Dark eyes and correct bite. Level topline, well-sprung ribs and muscular quarters. Heavily coated with a steady movement.

2nd. Sibley’s Duska Z Gangu Dlugich.





LB [4-1]

1st. [BB & BOS] Hastie’s Mybeards Sparkler g/w. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes and correct bite. Strong neck, well angulated quarters and a deep chest. Level topline, well-sprung ribs and pleasing jacket. Moved with drive.

2nd. Bugler & Mottram’s Mybeards Goldust.

3rd. Williamson’s Maradonar Arisa




OB [5-1]

What a strong class with four top ladies to choose from.

1st. [RBB] Challoner’s CH. Renollach Wiz-Kid g/w. A firm muscular body that contradicted this little lady’s age. Nice head and foreface, dark eyes and correct bite Medium neck set into clean shoulders. Her ideal front assembly reflected on her movement when she came towards me.. Level topline, nice stifle and low hocks

2nd. Naylor’s CH. Skaijak Flora. b/w Feminine head with darkest of eyes, good stop and correct bite. Strong neck, muscular quarters and level topline Profuse harsh coat. Steady gait.

3rd. Dence’s CH. Mybeards Platinum.



VB [4-1]

Another strong class.

1st. [BV] Challoner’s CH. Renollach Wiz-Kid. (Pictured left. OB winner.)

2nd. Smith’s IR. CH. Antrosu Szafir at Derochas. A favourite of mine and the old lady of the show at 13yrs. 5mths young. Can still show the youngsters how to move. Pleasing head and foreface. Correct bite and level topline. Well-angulated quarters and harsh coat.

3rd. Gomm’s CH Derochas Duchess O’NavanSP.



BEG. B [1].

1st. Plimley’s Mybeards Snowstorm. (Pictured above. MB winner.)




1st. Sibley’s well matched pair Tomasz Avec Dorianblue & Dusza Z Gangu Dlugich.








1st Mottram’s CH. Mybeards Ziomek and the children looked so like their Sire.








1st. Miss D Ardern

2nd. Miss P Kelly.






All photographs on this page are by Dorothy Dence and are Copyright The P.L.S. Club & Dorothy Dence 2006


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