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PON Activities


Obedience - there are local obedience clubs run throughout the country, for those who just want to learn basics or aspire to competitive level.



Agility - for owners & handlers to have fun and keep really fit -

Heel Work to Music - have you seen Mary Raye or Richard Curtis demonstrating their skills in the main ring at Crufts? A fun activity which PONs really enjoy. Normally basic obedience needs to be mastered first. -



KC Good Citizen - The basics in good dog ownership and training. Courses are undertaken and then a certain level demonstrated resulting in award certificates. There are three levels; Bronze, Silver & Gold. -



Clicker Training - Another fascinating and fun way to train your PON. Reward based training. Please visit Clicker Training for more information



Pets as Therapy (PAT Dogs) - a very rewarding activity for both dog & owners, visiting hospitals, care homes and hospices with a very well behaved, social Polish Lowland.

‘Clarence’ the best boy in the world


Hello I'd like you to meet Clarence, well to be honest Clarence would like to meet you. You see Clarence works as a Therapet for the Canine Concern Scotland Trust and just loves meeting everyone.  He visits his friends most weeks in a hospital and then onto a care home, with little extra bits fitted in when we can manage. These include a regular gig at a sheltered housing complex every couple of months, where he woos his fans playing with his tennis ball and eating carrots. He has also worked with a clinical psychologist helping people with a fear of dogs. They often start of with a smaller, older dog and progress to Clarence, who is still quite young and if they stay in the room with him for the whole session we have done our job. 


Clarence started his Therapet work in 2012 and has been a regular visitor since. Our ward in the hospital is psychiatry/ care of the elderly and is mixed male and female patients.  Our care home is all men with dementia and or challenging behaviour. Sometimes we have to be calm and sensitive and other times we can be playful and boisterous. Every week is different and we love it. 


Working as a Therapet gives us great joy, we are also able to give a wee bit back to our community. We have had so many positive comments and met so many friends that we will never forget. We want to carry on doing our therapy work for as long as we can.


Elaine and Clarence

Discover Dogs - The Kennel Club hold two events each year, one in London and the other at Crufts. All KC recognised breeds are on ‘display’ for the public to meet to see if it’s the right breed for them. If your PON is well behaved and enjoys meeting hundreds of new people please contact Diane for details on how you can volunteer for the next events. Diane - 01246 205166

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