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The latest request for breed health information comes from the Kennel Club in the form of a survey, please follow the link below to take part.



Dear Breed Health Co-ordinators,


As part of BARC (Bio-Acquisition Research Collaboration), the Kennel Club would like to inform you of the current study run by the Royal Veterinary College, investigating the impact of health and training upon canine behaviour in dogs over 3 years old.


To participate in the research, an online survey (the Mature Dog Survey: (click here) needs to be completed. Please feel free to distribute this information among your breed.


For further information about the research and contribution requirements, please visit our BARC page. If you have any enquiries about the project, please email Dr Rowena Packer


Yours sincerely,


Bonnie-Marie Abhayaratne

Health and Breeder Research Assistant

The Kennel Club



The PLSC hope to obtain as much detail as to the health of the Polish Lowland. We rely on all PON owners to submit details of their dog’s health.

The club welcomes and encourages anyone who owns a PON to submit a form - you don’t have to be a member. The next survey will be available winter 2014.


Please find below the latest health survey results complied by our Breed Health Officer, Keith Brown:



2012 Survey Results


Thank you to all who participated in this survey. The information was valued and will be documented. The purpose of the survey was to take a snapshot of the health of the British Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Another more detailed survey will be undertaken soon, utilising the results of this original survey to gain a better insight into the health of our Pons.


Health – Inoculations


Question 1 - Has your PLS had any health issues needing veterinary treatment during 2012?

68% had no health issues.

32% needed veterinary treatment.

Of the 32% needing veterinary treatment 50% needed long term treatment.


Question 2 - How would you rate the health of your PLS during 2012?

60% were rated as Excellent.

16% were rated as Good.

16% were rated as Average.

5.5% were rated as Poor

2.5 % were rated as Very Poor.


Question 3 - Is your dog annually vaccinated by a vet?

84% are annually vaccinated by a vet.


Question 4 - Do you use alternative or ‘natural’ treatments?

22% used alternative or ‘natural’ treatments.


Question 5 - How often did your PLS visit your vets?

84% visited their vets less than 5 times.

16% visited their vets more than 5 times.


Question 6 - Has your PLS been hip-scored?

57% had been hip-scored.


Question 7 - Has your PLS ever had an eye examination?

68% have had an eye examination.





Question 8 - How would you describe living with your PLS?

73% were Easy going.

24% were Angelic.

3% were difficult.

None were a nightmare!


Question 9 - How often do you groom your PLS?

65% groomed weekly

22% groomed monthly.

13% had the coat clipped off.





Question 10 - What type of diet is your PLS fed?

97% use a complete food.


Question 11 - On average, how much walking/exercise will your PLS get?

84% have more than 7 hours exercise per week.

16% have less than 7 hours exercise per week.


Question 12 - Is your PLS involved in any activity or pastime?

81% Showing.

22% Obedience.

6% Agility.

6% Pat Dogs

3% Heelwork to music.





Question 13 - Where does your PLS live?

89% live in the home.

11% live in kennels.


Question 14 - Does your PLS live with other dogs?

84% live with other dogs.

16% are the only dog in the household.


Keith Brown – Health Co-ordinator

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